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The Question Ought To Be,
“How Well Do You Hide
    Yourself On-Line?”


The Future of Moral Machines –

…the topic of machine morality is here to stay. Even modest amounts of engineered autonomy make it necessary to outline some modest goals for the design of artificial moral agents. Modest because we are not talking about guidance systems for the Terminator or other technology that does not yet exist. Necessary, because as machines with limited autonomy operate more often than before in open environments, it becomes increasingly important to design a kind of functional morality that is sensitive to ethically relevant features of those situations.

An important article about an important issue, which until now mostly have been reflected upon by philosophers and science fiction authors, but which will become a major issue for our society not very far into the future.

And why didn’t I think of that??  I should have gone here.


Photo Issue 2011: Andrew Mason is the unlikely CEO of last year’s unlikeliest breakout business, Groupon. The 30-year-old Midwestern music grad has transformed the bottom-feeding coupon trade into a billion-dollar force that even sexy Google lusted after.

“Most Innovative Companies: Groupon”
(March 2011)

Photo By: Saverio Truglia


This is refreshing to know that Law Enforcement is ‘monitoring’ suspects.

Leaked Twitter Subpoena Raises Online Privacy Issues
The leaked subpoena sent to Twitter this month by the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office in Boston is causing some hoopla on the web and raising the issue of law enforcement’s access to online personal data. On Dec. 14, the D.A.’s Office issued a subpoena to Twitter in order to access the acc…

Leaked Twitter Subpoena Raises Online Privacy Issues

Who Infringed Upon YOUR Rights Today??

Was it that guy who sneered at you while you were texting at the stoplight?  How dare him!

Or was it the lady who ran over your cousin and killed him that did not look up from her cell phone which kept ringing that her battery was low?

Maybe it was the family who could not afford a Christmas tree because their Michigan auto insurance rates have climbed so very sky high during the increase of cell phone related accidents during 2011.

Be responsible.  When you are operating a motor vehicle on public roads you DO NOT have the right to divide your attention away from what is required to drive safely. That is the same as drinking and driving or driving under the influence.

Think about it.