I think “Dead” is stretching things a bit…………..IMHO.

Apple PC


A flowering of innovation and communication was ignited by the rise of the PC and the Web and their generative characteristics. Software was installed one machine at a time, a relationship among myriad software makers and users. Sites could appear anywhere on the Web, a relationship among myriad webmasters and surfers. Now activity is clumping around a handful of portals: two or three OS makers that are in a position to manage all apps (and content within them) in an ongoing way, and a diminishing set of cloud hosting providers like Amazon that can provide the denial-of-service resistant places to put up a website or blog.

An important point. This development might lead to a closure of the innovation boom around phones, computers and tablets – and, some would say, back to order again when a few large operators are managing ecosystems in which we reside in an embedded and cozy environment, and innovation is steered into the areas these giants are supporting.

But, it might also lead into a completely other direction since these platforms also open up innovation capability to a much broader community. When Internet and the PC was born, the nerds tha drove that development wasn’t that many in numbers due to the relatively difficult and new technology. I would guess that the number of innovators that now are competing to redefine our world by creating iOS and Android apps are much higher, even if they in some sense are more restricted by what the controlling ecosystem manager wants.

It is important to note that the lion part of the historical innovation made possible by electricity took place AFTER the standards of AC 110 or 220V was in place. Yes, it probably stiffled a lot if things you might be able to invent around basic electricity distribution, but on the other hand it enabled an explosion of electricity drive machines that created the 20th centuries homes.

The Personal Computer Is Dead – Zittrain in Technology Review


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