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Via Scoop.itKnowmads, Infocology of the future

Growing up with the Internet gives today’s children a very unique view on the way the world works — one that is vastly different from that of older generations. These kids, the ‘digital natives,” are raised with modern technology deeply…

Is this Music to Your Ears?  Or to the Tech Companies?

A Momentary Flow: Study shows that kids, unlike adults, think technology is fundamentally human


For over a decade it has become easier and easier to find any piece of information we desire, making huge leaps in how we learn, do business and settle arguments in the pub. That process could slide into reverse.


Almost imperceptibly, activity on the web is slipping into silos, behind paywalls and password-protections or into mobile apps.


How do we find the information we want?  

More than that – How will people find Us ?

The “Free” Internet is Going Into Reverse