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Will the spy work through the refrigerator and make The Spy Who Came in from the Cold history?? 😉


At a summit held by the CIA’s venture capitalist firm In-Q-Tel, the agency’s Director David Petraeus discussed how “smart homes” may someday be rigged to provide intelligence officials with details about someone’s whereabouts by collecting geo-location data

Not to mention the Smart Meter Initiative…………….

 Smart Meter

CIA: We’ll spy on you through your refrigerator



Beef osso buco, red wine, milk, beef stock, olive oil, scallions, carrots, potatoes, bay leaf, thyme.

Osso Buco.   That great stuff from the movie “Eraser” that brought Johnny Casteleone (played by Robert Pastorelli) back to the restaurant where he was identified and a hit was put out on him by the Secretary of Defense.

Simplicity.  Perfection.


Take a tour of Facebook’s million-square-foot campus in Menlo Park.

They’ve got a lot of nerve
calling it “work.


Does social media affect how you spend money? You betcha.

“The question isn’t whether social services on the Web influence how we spend money, but rather how they affect your habits. At the end of the day businesses can’t survive without making money, and that’s why we’re seeing a flood of social services that might push you over the ledge to buy that new shiny thing that you probably can’t afford. That’s how they’re going to make money, after all.”

Full Story: TheNextWeb

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