Dad Busts Daughter’s House Party With His Energy-Monitoring App

You’re 16 and you’ve got the house to yourself and your dad is 500 miles away and it’s New Year’s Eve. Jackpot! It’s the perfect combination for a huge party. Or so thought Amy Rowe in Adelaide, Australia, who informed her father she’d be staying at a friend’s house and threw a rager. She wasn’t counting on her dad’s very advanced sleuthing skills.

Some 500 miles away, her dad, electronic engineer David Rowe, was having dinner with some friends and their kids. It was a hot day in southern Australia, and he decided to check in on his home’s energy use on his Fluksometer energy monitor. He fired up the Android app and … 

Zut alors something was not right! Why would the air conditioning be on if no one was home? Why did it seem as though the lights were on? […]

Amy eventually fessed up, and it sounds like everyone involved got a good laugh out of the method of her undoing. Dad reports Amy’s reaction:

“All my friends who didnt know Dad said ‘How could he do that? Who measures power from across the country’? Those that did know Dad said ‘He knows. Dont worry!’ “

“When I realised we were busted there was a mass exodus. I was the last one out and could see a continuous line of teenagers stretched up the street over three blocks.”

One of Amys friends put it well: “You gotta get dumber parents Amy.”

Read more. [Image: Can’t Hardly Wait/Columbia Pictures]


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