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New Apple Campaign Urges Consumers To Buy iPhone For Other Hand CUPERTINO, CA—As part of an effort to boost smartphone sales following lower-than-expected third-quarter earnings, Apple announced today a new national advertising campaign urging users to buy a second iPhone for their other hand.

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The people who need to see this will probably say or do nothing.  That about sums up why they are the way they are!


Ikea’s Augmented-Reality Catalog Might Be the Company’s Best-Made Product Yet | Gizmodo

We’ve already shared our favorite items from Ikea’s 2013 product catalog, but what we didn’t know was that as of July 31st, the catalog itself will be an interactive product of the latest augmented-reality technology.

iOS and Android users who download the Ikea catalog app, will be able to unlock video features, interactive experiences with products on the page, photo galleries and additional decorating inspiration.

Developed by the creative agency McCann, the AR app is a project that the Swedish build-it-yourself furniture empire has been working on for quite a while, since 2011 when they first expressed interset in bridging the print/digital divide. Linus Karlsson, Global Chief Creative Officer of McCann, explained to Wired that replacing the paper catalog with an entirely digital product wouldn’t make sense, “If you had a magazine that had 211 million copies in circulation, you just would’t end it. That would be crazy.”

With this added digital layer, shopping Ikea’s collection will become a little bit easier—an “X-ray” feature allows you to peer inside cabinets, for example, making a trip to the brick-and-mortar store potentially unnecessary. (Not enough of Ikea’s collection is available for purchase online to cut out a trip to the store entirely.)




Wireless power system keeps UAV airborne for 48 hours.

Lockheed Martin have demonstrated a wireless power system that uses lasers to beam energy to an unmanned aerial vehicle. The ground-to-air recharging system was demonstrated for 48 hours before being shut off – but only as all the required tests had been completed, and could likely have stayed airborne for much longer. At the conclusion of the test the battery on the ‘Stalker Unmanned Aerial System’ had more energy stored than it did at the beginning.

The laser power system was developed by LaserMotive, who won NASA’s Power Beaming Challenge in 2009, winning the US$900,000 prize.

While this test was conducted in a controlled indoor environment using a wind tunnel, the next step will be to demonstrate it outdoors to prove it is ready for commercial and military applications.

Wireless Power – A New Application

Now – of all things – we are supposed to feel compassion for a guy who essentially penned in his last exhibit that this ‘alleged incident is not worthy’ of NCAA attention. I choked aloud on that when I read it – and not in an endearing fashion whatsoever.