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HyperLoop details to be revealed today.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has promised to finally unveil plans for his “Hyperloop” system today, having dropped hints about it for around a year already.

According to Musk, the system will be twice as fast as an airplane, cheaper than a bullet train and completely self-powered, while able to make the trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. While for most people that would be a far fetched claim to make, this is the guy behind SpaceX, PayPal, and Tesla, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Musk says the design will be open source, and he will only be publishing the design for others to use. There’s a great infographic about the system here.

You Can’t Blame This On Bush

Most Americans are probably unaware that over the past two weeks the US has launched at least eight drone attacks in Yemen, in which dozens have been killed. It is the largest US escalation of attacks on Yemen in more than a decade. The US claims that everyone killed was a “suspected militant,” but Yemeni citizens have for a long time been outraged over the number of civilians killed in such strikes. The media has reported that of all those killed in these recent US strikes, only one of the dead was on the terrorist “most wanted” list.

Source: The Ron Paul Institute




Scientists Invent A Stretchy Gold Conductor

Polyurethane studded with gold nanoparticles can conduct electricity even when stretched, Michigan engineers have discovered. This feat could pave the way for flexible electronics and gentler medical devices. The nanoparticles start out randomly arranged, but they drift into wire-like formations as the material is stretched.

[via popsci]