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Paczki Thursday?

In southern Poland (in Silesia as well as most of current day Poland) the acknowledgment and the beginning of the Lenten Season actually begins a few days earlier than most other regions in Europe.  Paczki are created at a rapid clip commencing on Feb. 27th this year (Thursday).

Paczki Thursday

It all goes back to a Catholic tradition, which has that on the last Thursday of the carnival, the faithful have the right to stuff themselves.  The reason for making pączki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs, and fruit in the house, because they were forbidden due to Catholic fasting practices.  Haughty dose of calories is the point of the Fat Thursday.  It is the last chance to party, before the Ash Wednesday when Lent begins.

No one can resist delicious pączki, chubby fry cakes, fist-size doughnuts with rosehip marmalade and candied orange peel, prune, raspberry and custard filling, dusted with confectioners’ sugar or glazed with icing.



I believe that people are basically good. With that said – I honestly try to find patience and understanding when somebody says something to me or here on a public platform like Facebook that is tersely negative (such as attacking personal heritage or mental capacities) and baits arguments from philosophical <real or imagined> factions. 

BTW – I like to give credit where credit is due. I also like to investigate issues on my own time and not blindly accept general opinion solely based on a perceived over-supply of it. The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but the flat tire won’t go anywhere unless it has a hole fixed.

The other popular angle is the “high and mighty road” which is supposed to somehow make credible a complete collection of fantasies that may or may not have occurred 50 years ago or might possibly pop its ugly head up in your cupcake at your next afternoon tea. (Gosh!! I need to avoid every possible life event as if sharks were swimming down Pennsylvania Ave. and some media professional having been in the same business for over 25 years needs to be told how to speak politely.)

SO…EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!! Please try harder. And also……….when you espouse tolerance does that mean “always” or only when it fits your personal agenda?

Thank You


This Is What Happens When You try To Re-Write History and Truth


No matter how hard you try to bury great acts of evil, eventually, the truth will come out. In 1940, 22,000 Polish military officers were executed in the Katyn forest in Poland. For decades, it was blamed on the Nazis. Finally, in 1990, Moscow admitted that then-Soviet leader Josef Stalin had ordered the genocide. But how could America’s leaders not know that? Well…maybe they did. This week, researcher Krystyna Piorkowska held a news conference to unveil a document she’d dug out of the US National Archives, dated Paris – May 10, 1945. It was written by American POW Lt. Col. John Van Vliet Jr. It was sworn testimony that his Nazi captors forced him to watch as they exhumed thousands of bodies in Polish uniforms, killed on the orders of Stalin when Poland was under Soviet rule. 

But why was that deposition, and possibly more from other witnesses, kept hidden by our own government? Maybe because at the time, they needed Russia’s help with the war and didn’t want to anger Stalin. But that cover-up was hardly unique. For decades, many in the West tried to cover up the atrocities committed under communism. But anyone who’s tempted to fall for a whitewashed version of history and think that maybe communism deserves another shot needs to take a hard look at the genuine, ugly historical record. Like those thousands of Stalin’s Polish genocide victims, the truth about communism refuses to stay buried.

Liberals label anything they don’t immediately profess as “hate speech.” This is why ALL forms of speech MUST be protected. We cannot let the fascist, bully Left censor any form of expression by declaring it “illegitimate,” or “hate speech”.


The first day of the year brings new monthly calendar sheets for 2014.

Kicking it off with the SLS AMG GT!

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Twitter (containing 2500×1600)

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