This Is What Happens When You try To Re-Write History and Truth


No matter how hard you try to bury great acts of evil, eventually, the truth will come out. In 1940, 22,000 Polish military officers were executed in the Katyn forest in Poland. For decades, it was blamed on the Nazis. Finally, in 1990, Moscow admitted that then-Soviet leader Josef Stalin had ordered the genocide. But how could America’s leaders not know that? Well…maybe they did. This week, researcher Krystyna Piorkowska held a news conference to unveil a document she’d dug out of the US National Archives, dated Paris – May 10, 1945. It was written by American POW Lt. Col. John Van Vliet Jr. It was sworn testimony that his Nazi captors forced him to watch as they exhumed thousands of bodies in Polish uniforms, killed on the orders of Stalin when Poland was under Soviet rule. 

But why was that deposition, and possibly more from other witnesses, kept hidden by our own government? Maybe because at the time, they needed Russia’s help with the war and didn’t want to anger Stalin. But that cover-up was hardly unique. For decades, many in the West tried to cover up the atrocities committed under communism. But anyone who’s tempted to fall for a whitewashed version of history and think that maybe communism deserves another shot needs to take a hard look at the genuine, ugly historical record. Like those thousands of Stalin’s Polish genocide victims, the truth about communism refuses to stay buried.


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