I believe that people are basically good. With that said – I honestly try to find patience and understanding when somebody says something to me or here on a public platform like Facebook that is tersely negative (such as attacking personal heritage or mental capacities) and baits arguments from philosophical <real or imagined> factions. 

BTW – I like to give credit where credit is due. I also like to investigate issues on my own time and not blindly accept general opinion solely based on a perceived over-supply of it. The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but the flat tire won’t go anywhere unless it has a hole fixed.

The other popular angle is the “high and mighty road” which is supposed to somehow make credible a complete collection of fantasies that may or may not have occurred 50 years ago or might possibly pop its ugly head up in your cupcake at your next afternoon tea. (Gosh!! I need to avoid every possible life event as if sharks were swimming down Pennsylvania Ave. and some media professional having been in the same business for over 25 years needs to be told how to speak politely.)

SO…EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!! Please try harder. And also……….when you espouse tolerance does that mean “always” or only when it fits your personal agenda?

Thank You


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