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The People Around You During the NCAA’s

Those around you are not always who you think they are.  Sometimes they are “cloaked.”

Believe it or not – none of these teams made it to the Elite 8

That person over there is rooting for the same team you are.  Does that alone make them your “Friend?”

 A quick and easy example of a “set” of characters is a description of the thieves in the 2001 re-make of Ocean’s Eleven.  Carl Reiner’s character, Saul Bloom, is the Boesky1. That’s Ivan Boesky, a hot-shot wall-street trader who got caught committing securities fraud. He’s supposed to be a wealthy man to foot the bill who also has some inside information.  Let’s call him the athletic director.

The Jim Brown1 represents a confrontation between Bernie Mac’s character (Frank Catton, the inside man) and Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell) that is staged to distract. It is after a famous football (american) player who later went on to play leg-breaking thugs in a bunch movies. (Don’t mess with me or you’re in for it.)  Let’s call him the power forward.

The Miss Daisy1 refers to the SWAT van, their “getaway” vehicle. It comes from the movie,
Driving Miss Daisy.  There is a mascot.

The two Jethros1 are “hillbilly gear-head types” to take care of Miss Daisy. They are Casey Affleck and Scott Caan (Virgil and Turk Malloy)  The guards.

The Leon Spinks1 is the disruption of the boxing match, after Leon Spinks’ famous surprise upset victory over Mohammed Ali.  The strong center.

And the Ella Fitzgerald1 is the tape they make and play in a loop in order to get into the vault. This is based on a Memorex commercial from the 70’s in which a recording of Ella’s voice breaks a glass and the quesiton is asked, “Is it live or is it Memorex?”  This is a player off the bench that wins the game on the last second shot.

Now what has that got to do with college basketball?

Everybody (OK – not 100% but pretty high) has a team they want to see win in the current NCAA Men’s basketball Tournament.  They wear school colors and distribute insults and generally get down to serious rivalry mode.  Of those – 99.999% are not even basketball players.  Another 72% are not alumni nor did they attend the school they root for.  These people around you are simply like-minded in one respect – they are caught up in an event and like you – make a lot more out of it than it deserves.  It is simply an excuse to get together and enjoy oneself.    The bar owner thanks you.

Then we are all going back home and commence to argue politics with the spouse or housemate?  Is that any different?  Once again – the members of the “team” are people you don’t really know and you allow yourself to get all worked up over issues you differ on.  Better to remain silent………….etc.

What can I say?  How are we going to get a point across?

1Read more:

Saint Patrick OR Straight Pride Day

No Parades.  No Banners.  No Corporate Sponsors.

Happy with the way we are.  Also confident that it should not make one bit of difference to you whether or not I am straight, bi or gay.  The question is not listed on most applications for business, work, benefits or induction into the armed service.  Public restrooms have not changed – why does this have to be an issue in the first place?

Please tell us – why do the ‘Politically Correct’ want to turn St. Patrick’s Day into a debacle?  It won’t prove anything other than what most of us already knew.

The LOUDER you insist on saying what you are is showing us more of what you are not.

straight pride

LBGT – If you are so sure of yourselves in your identity you don’t have to be so annoying.

There are hungry people out there to feed.  Why are you ‘enlightened and socially conscious folk wasting good money on this nonsense?

One Day You’ll See Pepsi and Coke Together

Inside the mind the wheels are turning………….

Why can’t we all just get along?  I’ve allowed myself to wait to finish this posting a few weeks in order to mull over the ‘subject’ of the message here.    To hope and believe that everybody needs to think the same in order to cooperate and prosper is a ridiculous premise.  I mean – The opposite opinion is not necessarily a total disagreement.  Somewhere in the middle there are similarities and shared ideals on some things.  It is not all black and white.  Hope allows us to think that eventually we’ll somehow all get along.  Agreement.  Peace.

Keeping along those thought lines – in a market driven economy like we have in the USA – there is the desire to attract the largest body of support (the able purchasers) and to supply a fair and attractive image to a product or ideal or concept or platform that will carry the majority to some form of agreement on an issue.  Would you divorce your spouse because he/she preferred Coca-Cola over Pepsi?

There have been some articles written1 about the ‘levels of intelligence’ and associated political and social attitudes (or leanings) in what appear to be scholarly journals and the remarkable thing is that the one side who likes to think “Red” also generally rebukes Coca-Cola and their recent advertising Super Blunder in the Super Bowl advertising commercials.  But what happened?  In one expensive halftime commercial Coca-Cola did not incubate diversity as some have opined – they actually created extended polarization by making an unsustainable point.  That statement alone will provoke argument from the pseudo-intelligencia on one bank of the aisle.  But seriously – to forge an American English lyric and a melody word-for-word into another language does not represent true cohabitation between cultures.  It is fake.  It is pretentious.  It only makes sense to ONE body of viewers and that body is – you guessed it – Mr. & Mrs. Joe America.  Congratulations – you set yourself aside from nearly 80% of the world population and accomplished nothing but warm some advertising wallets and fannies.  It failed miserably.  The message came out wrong and it did not promote a popular concept or ideal.   Just the opposite.


Did you know the largest two competing International brands cooperated In a very popular drink concoction in the 50’s?  After World War II there were some political issues that prevented the unbridled distribution of Coke in the former Nazi Germany and the Coca-Cola company turned to making an orange drink to maintain their presence in the beverage market.  What developed was a compromise – Pepsi was not a replacement for the cola – the local pubs (kneipen) developed a very popular ‘alcohol free’ drink (the original zero beer) called a “Spezi”  (pronouncedc Speight-Zee) which was a blend of the Pepsi and the new Coca-Cola product called Fanta.

Then the popularity with the Germans cultivated an actual “brand” and the rest is history.

There is Hope.


Here is the Wikipedia page regarding this hypnotizing concoction:

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