Saint Patrick OR Straight Pride Day

No Parades.  No Banners.  No Corporate Sponsors.

Happy with the way we are.  Also confident that it should not make one bit of difference to you whether or not I am straight, bi or gay.  The question is not listed on most applications for business, work, benefits or induction into the armed service.  Public restrooms have not changed – why does this have to be an issue in the first place?

Please tell us – why do the ‘Politically Correct’ want to turn St. Patrick’s Day into a debacle?  It won’t prove anything other than what most of us already knew.

The LOUDER you insist on saying what you are is showing us more of what you are not.

straight pride

LBGT – If you are so sure of yourselves in your identity you don’t have to be so annoying.

There are hungry people out there to feed.  Why are you ‘enlightened and socially conscious folk wasting good money on this nonsense?


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