You Are Damned If You Do – Or Don’t

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Recent Furor Over a Prominent CEO Appointment Results in a ‘Hipster-Like’ Termination


Who would have guessed that personal values displayed almost 6 years ago by virtue of a donation to a state proposal would result later in no less than shameful dismissal.  We are speaking about the recent ‘stepping down’ of Firefox/Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich1.

A belief – or even a blunt tendency of support – that may or may not be a majority popular opinion can get you in the doghouse if your business is all about being the best.  Your personal leanings are now fair game for a volley of arrows.  Somehow that does not seem to be an advance in peace against hostility and the acceptance of the “different.”  Yes – the progressive thinkers are out for blood.

UPDATE:  Bill Maher2 states his position {link} **Before I fall into the hole myself, let me state that this is officially an act of “stepping down” and not a termination in the purest sense of the word.  The pressure you may feel one week after you ascend to a lofty new post as visible as CEO was spur of the moment after all – there was no search team – nobody else saw this coming in a group of upper management and certainly no analysis and underwriting support and of course no other candidates, right?!?  Burn Him!!  He weighs more than a duck!! Therefore – we happily turn the other cheek and close the book on a career……………

Have we come that far with Social Media?

Let me get this straight.  Your abilities and track record of successes on the job and hard work and dedication all add up to less than what a vocally-political body constitutes as grounds for dismissal.  There was no law against contributing to a campaign in 2008.  Case closed.  Surprise!!  April Fool!!  Nope……………

The “New Truth” is that somehow you can take a personal belief and expand that to a degree where it is denying the human rights of a body of people  with a different opinion.

Political Correctness can change like the wind.  So the game requires keeping a firm hand on the tiller just in case the mood of the times (Zeitgeist) makes a zig-zag.  Never mind that this issue might be the result of your familial upbringing or an epithet of your faith.  The clock runs 6 years and now you are guilty.

Somewhere…..Somebody believes that destroying a person’s career is justifiable in the quest to make an impression on marriage-law.  Let us not hold the lawmakers responsible – let’s lynch the people with a different upbringing.

There is something less than perfect about this so-called progressive logic.

Something seriously doubtful about this kind of ‘correctness.’

He is lucky they did not drag him out of his pickup and beat him within inches of his life.



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