The Healthcare Maze

The government mandates we select a form of health insurance.  They do not mandate we can opt out if desired.  Is this an attack or a breach of personal choice?

Back in the day it was the Employers responsibility to issue a health plan that covered the worker and allowed them to expand that to cover their families.  In nearly all cases this was a logical move.  Now – in the current economy when many become contractors and not employees (in the pure sense of the word) the line gets fuzzy.

Did you know?  Then you have university athletes who are vying for unionization and protection.  Guaranteed representation of a collective against a larger body.  Doesn’t that seem somehow backwards?  Inside-out?  Something.  The purse in this case belongs to the NCAA – a non-profit – and where’s the cash there is……… know.

Does anybody really live like this that you know?
This is the interior of the Transamerica Building in San Francisco.

Never mind that insurance companies used to own the seven largest buildings in the world.  It may be more than that, now.  How is it that we leave to keys to the bird cage with the cat?

If you can figure any of this out please let me know by sending a comment.

It’s all about money and the ways to guarantee that the G-Man gets his when he wants it.

Good Luck making up your mind.  If you wait too long, they’ll make the choice for you…….


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