The Internet is Dangerous

In writing a blog, one tries to put into words thoughts or concepts we feel are significant enough to document for others to read.  Unless the only intended audience is the self.  Then one normally researches the internet and discovers that somebody else has already eloquently done the work.  Such is the case today.  I began thinking I was a radically-right hard cynic when I read something so blatantly cockamamie in Facebook that it gave me a stomach ache. Guess what?!?  I am not the only one!  Enjoy this observation of the internet from *Michael Poh’s piece written in his Web 2.0 on

2. Reliability Of Information

With millions of blogs and websites out there on the net, one question we often ask is how much is the information they provide accurate and reliable. Given the convenience and low cost of publishing a blog or a website, there seem to be a lack of accountability for what are being published. The ease of modifying your online publication (as compared to offline publications like books and newsletters) makes putting out incorrect information less of an issue to the owner of the site. He or she can always amend the mistakes at no cost.

reliability of information
(Image source: Shutterstock)

Specialized journalists who adhere to the accuracy of the stories they produced are now replaced by bloggers who may not have such practices. The result is that you get a massive number of different versions of the same story because there’s no way to verify it without a trustworthy source (e.g. from a news site). At the worst, opinions can be misinterpreted as facts by readers online who may then go on to spread them as the gospel truth in social networking sites.

As we internet users become aware of the existence of rumors masquerading as truths, we start to become skeptical in whatever we see or hear about be it in Facebook or blogs. This, in effect, creates a generation of cynics among us, who regards internet information as unreliable and shaky at best.

*Brazenly copied without permission, but credit is given and a reliable hyperlink, too.  TU

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