Dr. Seuss and the Positive New Millenium

Can you wear it on a hat?  Can you put it on your cat?

Just as I sit down down to write this, our cat strolls up to my foot and looks up at me as if he is reading my mind.  He sniffs deeply.  What goes on inside that brain that makes him act this way?  Is he hungry?  Is he bored?

No.  He is just a pain in the poet.

What would the Zax do in this case?  Completely oblivious to the current events and not really concerned about famine or calories or poll numbers – what exactly becomes the daily focus and activity?  And how is that arrived at?  How is it that a passing thought can evolve into a controversy – and why does it happen so easily?

The Zax

No controversy here!

The idea is to just relax and take reality for what it is.  Don’t start analyzing every little thing that grabs your attention for that fleeting moment – let your mind wander a bit and start to look at the brighter things around you that happen to be stimulating the rods and cones in your eyeballs.  The things you can touch and feel.  The things you can smell and taste.

 These are the immediate things that deserve your concentration.  Not the problems that you manage to concoct because you are looking for something to worry about.

Make it a good day.



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