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Defining Happiness – Looking Out Or Looking In?

Some believe that the term “Happy” refers to a state of Joy or Euphoria.  I think that it is better suited to describe that state of “Normalcy” which we experience when we are simply pleased with our own existence.  Or maybe it is simply that my team just scored a goal.

This is how I feel when my team scores a goal.  It has nothing to do with anything with being in a state of happiness.  But contentment is also suggested here, too.

This is how I feel when my team scores a goal. It has nothing to do with anything about being in a state of happiness. Or it could!  Contentment is also suggested here, too.

It is keeping in mind that we are happy with ourselves, in other words.  This does not suggest that a Happy person has no more wants or needs – no dreams of a better whatchamcallit or a release from a painful ache that has been nagging you for years – this is again accepting the current state of existence which we can carry with us through the whole day, and even sometimes share it with another person.

Are you Anxious?  Nervous?  Curious?

Longing?  Loving?  Living?

Angry?  Jealous?

Those are all things which YOU have elected to experience.  (Your definition of “Living” might actually be your personal estimate of your own happiness, in fact.)  These are things we see when we are “Looking In” and not actually feeling sensations and having physical reactions from the outside or “Real” world.

Are you “Looking Out?”  Does that mean you are afraid?  Is someone coming after you?  Is this in your head or is it a form of paranoia?  I believe “Looking Out” means you are standing securely on your own two feet and feeling so strong in your state of being that you can begin to “Share” that state of mind and give it to somebody else who needs it.  “I’m Looking Out for YOU.”  I am looking out for something to eat for dinner.  I am looking out for an opportunity.  I am “Looking Out” so that I don’t do that again!!  “I’m “Looking Out” for Germany because they are going to be tough!”

And so on.  Pretty Simple.  Just Being Happy.

Make It A Good Day – It is YOUR CHOICE