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Getting The Pro-Life Record Straight – Justin Amash

Just Where Does It Say Justin Amash Is Pro-Abortion?

 Justin Amash Genuinely Stands Pro-Life with the added understanding of the impacts of legislation set upon mere partisan politic, shifty public relations and false image creation.  If you are genuinely concerned about the Sanctity of Life you’ll read this and understand it for yourself.  This Pro-Life Issue is a BIG one in West Michigan.  We have one candidate who is resting his chances on your ignorance.  This is exactly the kind of thing which Brian Ellis has built his queer campaign against Justin Amash upon.


May 31, 2012, Statement from Rep. Justin Amash – “When did Republicans start supporting hate-crime legislation? Hate-crime bills, like H R 3541, are apparently okay if they have to do with a baby’s gender but not okay if they have to do with a person’s skin color or sexual orientation. Or maybe they’re okay if it’s an election year and Republicans are trying to make the President look like he doesn’t care about women. I am appalled and outraged that we would take an issue as sacred as life and use it so cynically as a political weapon.

Republicans, and especially conservatives, should oppose abortion. Period. H R 3541 criminalizes the MOTIVE for getting an abortion. In other words, it keeps all abortions legal except those obtained for the “wrong” reasons. But ALL abortions are wrong. And criminalizing motive makes this simply another hate crime. Literally the only difference between a legal and an illegal abortion under the bill is whether the “abortion is sought based on the sex or gender of the child.”

The bill also shockingly makes it a crime for a medical or mental health professional NOT to turn in someone who they SUSPECT of having committed this thought crime. They can be thrown into prison for a year if they don’t “report known or suspected violations . . . to appropriate law enforcement authorities.” Free societies do not criminalize inaction.

I’m pro-life, and I think all abortion should be illegal. But Congress should not criminalize thought. And this bill won’t stop a single abortion if it becomes law. Every person seeking an abortion simply will sign a form stating her motive is not the sex of the baby. Those of us who are pro-life should demand more from Congress. While we waste time on stuff like this, genuine legislation to protect life is ignored.” ~ Justin Amash

• Michigan abortions decreased 0.59%
from the total of 23,366 reported
in 2011. This is a 52.7% decrease
since 1987—the year with the largest
number of induced abortions.
• In 2012, 51% of abortions performed
on Michigan residents were repeat
• In 2012, 295 abortions were performed
in Michigan after the baby was at 20
• In 2012, 48% of abortions were
performed on black women, 44.8%
were performed on white women and
3.4% on women who had abortions had
Hispanic ancestry.
• The number of abortions performed
on teenagers dropped again in 2012.
Only 13.5% of abortions performed on
Michigan residents were performed on
women younger than 20. In the early
1980’s this age group had more than
30% of Michigan’s abortions.

Republicans, and especially conservatives, should oppose abortion. Period.





I Stand with Justin Amash – And Here Is Why

It’s One Thing to be Misquoted – Can a Man Stand By Calmly While Being Completely Mis-Characterized and Accused?


Justin Amash with his wife and children stand with his supporters at the Byron Center Bicentennial Park after the parade on July 26, 2014.

The election primary for US Representative for the 3rd District has been called “the ugliest” in the nation as incumbent Rep. Justin Amash, R-Cascade Township, is running for his third consecutive 2-year assignment against some powerful “establishment” GOP forces behind challenger Brian Ellis.  But not all of them!!

Both congressional contenders recently staged a “Meet & Greet” at the M-Live Media Hub in downtown Grand Rapids. This writer attended each – the tone and the atmosphere were completely different – if not as opposite as the candidates – and the most striking difference is that only one has a platform that can be clearly defined.

Seated near center are Peter Ross of WZZM and Tom Urich at the M-Live Media Center

Seated near center for Brian Ellis are Peter Ross of WZZM and Tom Urich at the M-Live Media Hub

Justin Amash sat comfortably and relaxed on the podium during his 45 minutes and twice responded directly when asked for his 2 minute encapsulated speech, while Brian Ellis always stood up and went down to the floor when responding to a question – as if he were the “game show host” on Family Feud – and proceeded to try and sell a used car with only promises that it were driven by an old lady to church on Sunday.  He failed to clearly answer the question posed by Zane McMillan at least 3 times and had to be reminded about the subject.  No offense to elderly ladies, btw.

Whereas Justin Amash has explained every vote cast (and he has never missed a single one) publicly on Facebook and elsewhere, he also clearly responded to direct claims and criticisms which have become the hallmark of Brian Ellis’ promotions.  Brian Ellis says, “Voters Aren’t Represented With Justin Amash In Congress.”  He tries to push through the concept that Amash has not voted the popular sentiment of the citizens in the third congressional district.  How?  By extracting the position that Justin Amash is against the support of breast cancer research because he voted not to renew a special interest issue postage stamp for the 5th time since 1998.  That’s like saying you were late for kindergarten class because you did not like wearing green socks, your Mother was crying this morning and your bus number was different so you could not get on board.


I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Brian Ellis stated that he was “better at building relationships.”  He said,  “congress is a collaborative body….” (he must have forgotten the federal government shutdown last year) and also, “the federal government doesn’t know how to cut anything…”  He claims his 15 years on the East Grand Rapids School Board sufficiently prepared him for the job as US Representative from the 3rd district because,  “that is my best example of building relationships” and that experience has prepared him to enable 435 congresspeople to “reach across the aisle” and come to agreement on issues which prevent progress on conservative issues.  Ellis actually said these things.  And he actually believes he knows what he is talking about.

Imagine what would happen if he strolled into session on his first day in Washington, D.C. as a Freshman Congressman and Brian Ellis noticed there were no doughnuts and cake laid out on a paper tablecloth with blackboards in the background and coffee percolating next to the drinking fountain by the bookshelf.

ja-logo-small jafollowsme

Justin Amash has said he will not debate Brian Ellis because he is not a credible candidate.  This has apparently transformed into a ‘worthy’ challenge from the opposing camp, but frankly, the result would be embarrassing for both because of the fantastic chasm of difference in each man’s credentials.  Romper Room experience versus bringing a Bill to the House Speaker.  Justin Amash always votes with a common sense agenda and always with the desires of his constituency in mind.  He does not vote the “establishment” favorite and this should be seen as a quality, not a weakness of morals, character or opinion.  I don’t have to remind everybody that Brian Ellis has largely funded his campaign for himself and repeatedly buys and promotes television ads like the “Al Qaeda’s Best Friend” which is now largely regarded as one of the stupidest pieces of television work ever made and amounts to taking your savings account and burning it like a pile of leaves.  Why will Justin Amash continue to deny a debate?  Let me count the ways…………..

Endorsements?  You Want Endorsements?

How about The Grand Rapids Press?

Popularity Is Obvious When You Watch What Is Happening Yourself

Justin Amash for Congress

The largest turnout so far for Justin Amash at The Byron Center “Byron Days Festival” Parade on July 26, 2014.

The Justin Amash contingent was by far the largest group in the parade – larger than the Brian Ellis clad and faithless by almost seven-to-one.  You can’t rely on what you see on television for complete and accurate information for any candidate.  Please visit or stop by the campaign office to pick up flyers or yard signs for yourself.  And VOTE AUGUST 5th.

The Hardest Part About Good Political Writing

I Want To Say Something “Fair” That Everyone Will Accept

Journalists listen to Brain Ellis at M-Live's "Meet and Greet" in Grand Rapids on July 24th.

Journalists listen to Brain Ellis at M-Live’s “Meet and Greet” in Grand Rapids on July 24th.

The Author (Me!) sits (in the right-middle of the picture) and tries to think like the Reader.  The Reader tries to think about why the Author wrote this in that particular way.  Straight away we are dealing with negative acceptance of the product without a word yet shared.

Which brings me to the True Point of this Blog today – How can you “setup” your loyal following of readers (your reader base) with a high quality offering while dedicating yourself to Eternal Truth, Justice and The American way and all that other related stuff from The Daily Planet and Jimmy Olsen……..??

You must say it like it is.  That may not be politically correct and it may not be immediately popular as I write this, but allow me a few more syllables, please…………

Who has been consistently transparent like no other government official before in recorded history?  Who gets called on the carpet for denying the renewal of a US postage stamp for the 5th time since 1998?  Wake Up!!  Voting NO is not denying that breast cancer research is not important – it is being conscious that the world out there has multiple problems and you need to prioritize! The accusations against Justin Amash made by Brian Ellis last evening at M-Live Media Studios were so ridiculous that you would have thought he was running for Kindergarten Monitor and not the United States Congress.

BUT – That is exactly what the “Movers” and the “Shakers” are doing (what some refer to as ‘The Business Elite’) and if you think that is an indication of mental softness or a weak conservative stance on the part of Incumbent Rep. Justin Amash you have another think coming………..You Are Possibly Blind!

Brian Ellis pitiful turnout

Brian Ellis pitiful turnout

Interesting Fact:  Look at all of the Tables where people are supposedly there to hear Brian Ellis speak about his qualifications.  Look very closely.  How many people have glasses or even cups full of any kind of beverage?  How many people have plates of food?  This is a “staged photo.”  You might as well watch a pot boil.

As a Writer I can’t say anything positive about Brian Ellis.  Lord knows I tried.  But you can’t jump from Romper Room school board experience to the Chambers of Congress without taking a few steps in between!  Brian Ellis is NOT your answer for Conservative representation in the 3rd District.  Brian Ellis is not credible.

Justin Amash for Congress #3 – He represents the Common American and he represents us in the 3rd District.  No Questions Asked.



M-Live Media Displayed A Serious Lack Of Integrity – UPDATED

If you sit in the front row of a press conference you will likely not miss the gist of the message.  The moderator, Zane McMillan, asked a point blank question to open the meeting and Justin Amash responded in a perfectly crafted 2 minute “opus” about his specific qualifications for re-election.  Was any of that reported?  Not one word.  M-Live media can surprise, amaze and confuse the contrary points in their reporting if you have paid attention. Faux Pas?

disappointed2 disappointed

Specifically, in the initial report, M-Live omitted clear responses and explanations about Rep. Amash’s voting record, his stance on Pro-Life, his activities on the national scale of business integrity and his steadfast commitment to personal liberty.  Clear impropriety.

We were DISAPPOINTED with the journalistic integrity of M-Live Media.  Here is an example of fair and balanced reporting from Andrew Krietz:

Please seek additional and/or alternative sources of information for making your important decisions in the upcoming primary election on August 5th.

Liberalis Ignoramus – I Think I Hit A Soft Spot



Gore Vidal Quote

Gore Vidal Quote




Restoring The American Dream

What Does It Mean To Have A Dream and Believe in America?

Can we honestly say that the system needs to be completely reworked and that we need to start all over again from the beginning?  Our Values are not worth building upon?  Maybe the way things are just need to be better communicated or re-inserted back into the public education system.  Maybe ‘change‘ for the sake of change is not the right answer.  Do we sit silently while millions of $$ Dollars go toward negative campaigning and not toward economic growth, rebuilding infrastructure and other job producing efforts?

Justin Amash and Tom Urich

 Rep.  Justin Amash and Tom Urich meet in Lowell, Michigan

Is it not the right of every American to be able to hold personal values high and to preserve precious opinions without having to be compared or cast as a violent enemy terrorist by a whimpering competitor?  What makes it even harder to understand is that an established media can now be ‘purchased’ and once fair and honest news sources will paint, print and promote one side of an issue with the intention of wreaking absurd nonsense upon common sense thought.  Follow the money……………Yes…..It takes money.

On July 18, 2014, we are hosting a moneybomb. We have one chance to keep Justin Amash in office, and continue filling Congressional seats with people who will uphold their oath to the Constitution. By donating whatever we can to help his campaign, we will show the establishment just how strong the desire for liberty is.

Facebook Event Page:

MoneyBomb Webpage:

“But let it not be said we did nothing.” – Ron Paul

Support Common Sense and the Restoration of the American Dream 

Come On America.  You don’t have to sit quietly and take this nonsense.


It’s Time To Restore American Values

What Does It Mean To Hold a Conviction of Value in Anything?

Progressive this………Progressive That……………..Polyanna wants Change!

Maybe the way things are just need to be better communicated or re-inserted back into the public education system.  Maybe ‘change‘ for the sake of change is not the right answer.

Justin Amash and Tom Urich

We’ll Meet Again!

Is it not every right of every American born in America to be able to hold personal values and opinions without having to be compared or cast a federal terrorist by a whimpering competitor or the collected opposition?  What makes it even harder to understand is that an established media source prints or promotes one childish quote from a common thinker across the country and it becomes front page news.

I’m not ashamed or afraid of the way I was brought up – I am thankful and proud to have learned things about life just the way I did.  I don’t have to apologize for my beliefs and I will engage anyone who may hold a differing point of view reasonably and calmly without taking to the airwaves screaming about international catastrophe.

Come On America.  You don’t have to be Polyanna just because you got your hands dirty.


Social Media Marketing Consulting | Is LinkedIn the AntiChrist?

I got trapped.  Or tricked.  LinkedIn started looking so good to me that anything they suggested was instantly completely credible and justified and suddenly………………..

Facebook Privacy is a BIG Issue

Facebook Privacy is a BIG Issue

Now here is a very interesting example of how you can get yourself into trouble with your public image in the marketplace.  Things are so inter-connected now that it is almost becoming an autobiography that you might not want published!
Social Media Marketing Consulting | LinkedIn.LinkedIn is getting to be (too?) very influential.

What if I would rather disappear??

Try this:


Liberals Have Their Heads Up , , , , , , , ,

Liberalism is very similar to being the parent of a Middle School Band member. You feel like you have to support the cause, but deep in your heart you know that the music actually sucks.

This is not an easy thing to admit.  Mind you – it has caused friction between previously trusted colleagues – but the fact remains that the general Liberal platform is not based on any one particular concrete political principle – it is only based on a source for complaining against conservative dogma.  (Rachel Maddow makes a living off of these half-wits!)

You want Progress?  Drop your whining……………………