Auf Geht’s Deutschland!


Eh……….How come everybody has to make bad jokes that are clearly referring to World War II?  Has everyone forgotten that Hitler was Austrian?  No wonder things went the way they did – German families were still getting over the ravages of the first war and then comes der Führer who proceeds to divide the populace with a platform for progress that was both good and very bad depending on your position on the ladder.


Truth be known, what was accomplished by the Third Reich was a testament to hard work and dedication to a common cause.  The fact that it nearly worked is the big lesson in the whole scheme of things.  The teamwork and relentless commitment was what saved the world by the Allies – but it was made necessary by the same kind of concentration to a goal.


So………let the French have their snails and their frog legs.  I’ll bet you never saw that many white sausages together in one place before.  This is a factory in Bavaria making Weißwurst.  Please pass the sweet mustard………….


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