It’s Time To Restore American Values

What Does It Mean To Hold a Conviction of Value in Anything?

Progressive this………Progressive That……………..Polyanna wants Change!

Maybe the way things are just need to be better communicated or re-inserted back into the public education system.  Maybe ‘change‘ for the sake of change is not the right answer.

Justin Amash and Tom Urich

We’ll Meet Again!

Is it not every right of every American born in America to be able to hold personal values and opinions without having to be compared or cast a federal terrorist by a whimpering competitor or the collected opposition?  What makes it even harder to understand is that an established media source prints or promotes one childish quote from a common thinker across the country and it becomes front page news.

I’m not ashamed or afraid of the way I was brought up – I am thankful and proud to have learned things about life just the way I did.  I don’t have to apologize for my beliefs and I will engage anyone who may hold a differing point of view reasonably and calmly without taking to the airwaves screaming about international catastrophe.

Come On America.  You don’t have to be Polyanna just because you got your hands dirty.



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