Getting The Pro-Life Record Straight – Justin Amash

Just Where Does It Say Justin Amash Is Pro-Abortion?

 Justin Amash Genuinely Stands Pro-Life with the added understanding of the impacts of legislation set upon mere partisan politic, shifty public relations and false image creation.  If you are genuinely concerned about the Sanctity of Life you’ll read this and understand it for yourself.  This Pro-Life Issue is a BIG one in West Michigan.  We have one candidate who is resting his chances on your ignorance.  This is exactly the kind of thing which Brian Ellis has built his queer campaign against Justin Amash upon.


May 31, 2012, Statement from Rep. Justin Amash – “When did Republicans start supporting hate-crime legislation? Hate-crime bills, like H R 3541, are apparently okay if they have to do with a baby’s gender but not okay if they have to do with a person’s skin color or sexual orientation. Or maybe they’re okay if it’s an election year and Republicans are trying to make the President look like he doesn’t care about women. I am appalled and outraged that we would take an issue as sacred as life and use it so cynically as a political weapon.

Republicans, and especially conservatives, should oppose abortion. Period. H R 3541 criminalizes the MOTIVE for getting an abortion. In other words, it keeps all abortions legal except those obtained for the “wrong” reasons. But ALL abortions are wrong. And criminalizing motive makes this simply another hate crime. Literally the only difference between a legal and an illegal abortion under the bill is whether the “abortion is sought based on the sex or gender of the child.”

The bill also shockingly makes it a crime for a medical or mental health professional NOT to turn in someone who they SUSPECT of having committed this thought crime. They can be thrown into prison for a year if they don’t “report known or suspected violations . . . to appropriate law enforcement authorities.” Free societies do not criminalize inaction.

I’m pro-life, and I think all abortion should be illegal. But Congress should not criminalize thought. And this bill won’t stop a single abortion if it becomes law. Every person seeking an abortion simply will sign a form stating her motive is not the sex of the baby. Those of us who are pro-life should demand more from Congress. While we waste time on stuff like this, genuine legislation to protect life is ignored.” ~ Justin Amash

• Michigan abortions decreased 0.59%
from the total of 23,366 reported
in 2011. This is a 52.7% decrease
since 1987—the year with the largest
number of induced abortions.
• In 2012, 51% of abortions performed
on Michigan residents were repeat
• In 2012, 295 abortions were performed
in Michigan after the baby was at 20
• In 2012, 48% of abortions were
performed on black women, 44.8%
were performed on white women and
3.4% on women who had abortions had
Hispanic ancestry.
• The number of abortions performed
on teenagers dropped again in 2012.
Only 13.5% of abortions performed on
Michigan residents were performed on
women younger than 20. In the early
1980’s this age group had more than
30% of Michigan’s abortions.

Republicans, and especially conservatives, should oppose abortion. Period.






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