Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

When You Start Throwing Rocks, Mr. Ellis,

Don’t expect a hug from Amash Supporters

“Change” of Words Is Not Enough

Justin Amash Thanks You!

Justin Amash Thanks You!

To The People – Justin Amash Thanks You!

A lot of staff and volunteers worked very hard in this hotly contested primary, (and will continue on to the general election), and they don’t deserve the kind of rash, rude and ridiculous behavior which Brian Ellis and his staff displayed over the past 10 months.  In the 3rd District you can have differing opinions but it is not a sign of intelligence when you start calling people terrible names thinking it will elevate your image.

It might seem to some that a position of mercy or understanding is more appropriate on the part of the Justin Amash Camp – implying their desires for a classier reaction, but you know – you reap what you sow.   You can’t have it both ways and feel good about yourselves.

We Can Do Better Than Change

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