Deutschland – The country with one people, oodles of fine flavors and at least 1,200 sausages

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It’s that time of year again – October – the month following Oktoberfest.  This is when the harvest comes in and the Eiswein flows and the colors jump out of the woods and onto your dinner table.Herbst in Dresden

Hot roasted beef sandwiches – pumpkins turned into everything from breads and soup to decorations and graffiti – and the weather just seems to want to beg you to stay out until dark.


And Herbst (Autumn or Fall) is especially dear to the palate in the central and south of Germany when the winemakers produce “early wine” – Federweißer – and the kitchens put together onion cake – Zwiebelkuchen.  The luscious combination of sweet and sour could not have a more satisfying collision than these two have inside your waiting mouth.

Up North – Berlin has two celebrations coming up.  On Sunday The Festival of Lights opens to awe-inspiring views of the grand architecture around the city.


There are also several regional delights and observances of the harvest bounty the earth brought forth everywhere you go – but most of that will be eclipsed by the coming anniversary of The Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th.  Stay Tuned.

Link to BBC News

BBC News – The country with one people and 1,200 sausages.

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