More Gridlock? Where did you get that Idea?

I guess I was not clear in my ‘innuendos.’  The Liberals are trying to make an issue other than the FACT that they lost their hind patooties in the MidTerm elections by a LARGE margin.

The MSM (main street media) have to write something defensive after the clear mandate laid down by the Republicans yesterday.  So let’s try to “create” a new issue to write about.  Or whine about.  or something like that.

But clearly the people have spoken.  Despite the tricks and swerves and hi-jinks and reverse psychology and the hand-wringing and the racist accusations and the hollow blame.  Maybe this time…………..just maybe………..we got a fair result.

Congress has an edge in power, now. They don’t have the desire nor the will to continue gridlock.  Only a loser would say that.

You got any cheese with that whine??????????????


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