8 Things To Consider Before You Have Sex With A Married Person

These are all good reasons not to cheat on your spouse. If you simply recall what you went through to get married to your spouse in the first place, it might help temper your lust for adventure. Be honest with yourself, though. I went through it myself in Germany. My Revenge? I let him have her. In the EU it takes 3 years for a divorce if it is contested – which I did for spite. I moved back to the USA with only a suitcase and a few hundred dollars – left the life and the condo and the fantasy behind. Broke my Heart and ended up homeless and depressed. Think about that if you are married and considering a fling. Trust your spouse even if you think you want to hurt them for some reason or for Power. If you really believe you have to get a new partner – tell them you must break it off with your spouse first. Time heals and then you will find the right mate. Remember – the cheater is likely going to cheat on you, too!

The woman who broke my heart into pieces

The woman who broke my heart into pieces

Thought Catalog

Flickr/linh tinhFlickr/linh tinh

At some point, you’ve likely fantasized about seducing a smolderingly sexy married person. The appeal of forbidden fruit is undeniable and the temptation to lure an attached person away from their (seemingly) dull and apathetic relationship can be fierce. But proceed with caution, because the side-effects of adultery can be disastrous, especially for the single interloper (that’d be you). Here are a few things to consider before you attempt this risky, yet utterly erotic, feat of getting involved with a married person.

1. S/he’s done this before.

The married person will inevitably tell you that they’ve “never done this before.” Perhaps they haven’t, not to this degree, but once a cheater, always a cheater, even if the previous affairs were capped at the level of emotional over-sharing via email or a platonic (but totally flirtatious) friendship. That come-hither look that makes you weak in the knees? Well-practiced. Those…

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