Making Time Political

Now comes the effort to politicize and cast shadows on differing thought while seemingly connecting principle to common sense and flipping it to your benefit.

Doing Nothing

Articles abound and once again public sentiment has been swayed by arguments and “scholarly” journals who scoff at fundamental American ingenuity and the sum of the effort can be categorized as simply a shell game.  One collective sees opportunity to “grow” credibility by making a rather silly debate out of……..wait…….nothing.  But – this ‘nothing’ has kite-string ties to capitalism, greed and corporate mischief, eh?  It’s always been about money?!?  But it is really for corporate industries like Golf, Shopping and more “Bad Guy” interests to make you suffer twice yearly by disrupting your bathroom schedule?

Stop it.

It’s not about returning to common sense at all.  It is about nudging the public euphoria away from progress and productivity.  There is little else that normally busy spin-meisters have to do with themselves during periods when they have to show something to justify their existence.  I know!  Let’s create an issue about Daylight Saving Time!  Let’s make use of an opportunity to show ourselves we look smarter by spinning a tale or two (or three) and we may even make ‘progress’ in our fight against Conservatives.

Here is a Simple Logic Test

1. Do you “feel” the clocks change when you ride your bike over the border between East Chicago, Indiana and East Chicago, Illinois?
2. If you take a flight from Detroit or Grand Rapids to Chicago does your appetite, general composure and sense of well being become irrevocably damaged?
3. If you moved the moment you dive into your bowl of Cocoa Puffs away from the break of dawn will the milk spoil?
4. You have absolutely NO OTHER factors that might disrupt your ‘normal daily routine’ like a late bus, baby diaper or nap times slightly delayed (for sometimes up to 4 hours) or having to look for the dog who got off the chain and went exploring in the neighborhood?
5. You are not affected at all by your spouse calling and explaining they will be an hour late to meet you at the restaurant.  You can attest to that under oath.
6. The babysitter said they stayed an hour later and you can’t understand that.
7. The utility tub drain got plugged and the washer evacuated an entire load over your boxes of wedding photos and you spent about an hour with the precious ones with a hair dryer.  This made your estrogen levels rocket and you get woozy.
8.  The wheels on your car fall off when you cross a time zone.
9.  You can spin a hard boiled egg alright on a clock that does not ‘spring forward’ but you can’t if you advance it an hour.
10. You truly believe that people who live in Greenland or Iceland get physically ill only because the length of the day is almost the same but they react to changing the clocks by blacking out?  btw – the length of daylight hours on St. Patrick’s Day in Reykjavik is 11:53:01 and increases 6’53” per day.  How do they cope?
11. Time is a constant.  It should not be messed with.  For that matter, the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar and Newfoundland should be nuked because their clocks are 30 minutes off.  And don’t  forget regions of Australia, Nepal and The Chatham Islands while you’re at it.
12. Benjamin Franklin must have been a Republican.  And a Freemason, too.  Definitely an evil man with intentions to destroy America and its happiness.

So How many Did You Get Correct?


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