Just Who Are The Don’t We Boys?



Joe Anderson is an award-winning comedian, director and writer.

dwb 2013 about joeHe won an MTV Comedy Competition, spent two years touring with The Second City improv comedy theater recently wrote and starred in the play “Shoot Faster, Dear Brother, I’m Dying!” A hilarious play about the Civil War. Obviously. Lawrence Bommer, reviewer for the Chicago Reader and ChicagoTheatreBlog.com called the play, “A remarkable feat – worthy of Mark Twain” and “Two hours of pitch perfect parody.” Anderson also co-wrote the feature film “America’s Most Haunted” – soon to be available everywhere!


A.J. Schraeder is an odd ball comedian, podcaster, and man child from Greensboro, NC.

dwb 2013 about ajHe became a regular in the dive bar of professional comedy in 2003 when he joined the award winning improv troupe “The Idiot Box”, and ever since, he’s been blasting AC/DC on comedy’s outdated jukebox, drawing hilarious phallic shaped graffiti on comedy’s bathroom walls, pushing lame dive bar analogies, and putting a hell of a lot of quarters into comedy’s golden-tee arcade machine. In addition to his sketch comedy adventures with the Don’t We Boys, he performs regularly with the nerd centric comedy team “Mon Frere”, produces the regular podcast “Unstoppable Failure” with his brother Al-don, and his award winning one man show “Thunderstood” has been performed in comedy festivals across the country.

Scott Erickson (“Don’t”)

Scott Erickson is an actor, music artist and “entertainment entrepreneur” who founded both a production company in 2010 and an independent record label 2011.

dwb 2013 about seanKnown primarily for his work as a producer of film and video, like the world-famous Grand Rapids LipDub, he is also the creator of Renovation Raiders on HGTV.

Sadly, however, he has grown weary of the corporate grind, clients’ gobble-dee-gook and all the competitive hoopla.

Scott has yearned to return to his first love of acting and entertaining his audience for years, and now–in becoming the best third member of The Don’t We Boys–he will fulfill his destiny and grow ever more powerful, assuring his plans of world domination and the dissolution of money and all governments.

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