A Christian Libertarian Response to SCOTUS

This is a very reasonable and well thought out blog entry by a young man I have had the pleasure of making my acquaintance with at a recent Justin Amash event.

The Faith and Politics of Freedom

Unless you have isolated yourself to the underside of a rock for the past several days, you have undoubtedly received the news of the landmark Supreme Court ruling which held that the Constitution inherently requires that same-sex marriage be legal nation wide, state bans therefore in contradiction of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

If you are a Christian, then it is likely that a feeling of dismay overcame you in witnessing the ubiquitous and outright celebration of sin by our society: the mockery of Christ under its several masks stirs a deep sadness and dejection, generating heartache for His followers. Indeed, irrespective of one’s final convictions regarding the case, any Christian is probable to feel slight apprehension regarding the disconcerting direction of our society – in its many respects. Christians disappointed in the case have valid reasons to display disenchantment, but we must eschew the inadvertent acceptance of several…

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