French Fries Can Kill You, I’m Afraid

So much for the Love Affair which Americans have with French Fries.  A new report out of the University of Alabama says that a ‘Southern Style’ diet increases the risk of heart attacks due to the prevalence of fried foods.  The journal “Circulation” published by The American Heart Association did a six year study and confirms it.


This is not totally new thinking.  And there is no denying that french fries are an amazing food that brings many taste sensations that top the list of our favorites.  But they are somehow seen as healthier than sugar loaded dishes and even potato chips (mostly also fried) and eaten often in abundance to ‘fill’ that hole in your stomach.  Why is it that we cast away common sense and indulge so heavily?

However – the wonderful creation brought by US Soldiers back to the USA after WWII from Belgium are even worse for you as once believed.

More evidence that fried food raises heart attack risk

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