Objectively Speaking…………….

There is no principle by which genocide—a crime against a group of men—can be regarded as morally different from (or worse than) a crime against an individual: the difference is only quantitative, not moral. It can be easily demonstrated that Communism means and requires the extermination—the genocide, if you wish—of a particular human species: the men of ability.

~ Ayn Randaynrand-ideal-2

Note:  How do you feed and employ millions when you’ve outlawed production <by capitalism and fair trade>? You don’t. You exterminate the excess population which cannot be sustained by a system that rewards need instead of competence.

2 thoughts on “Objectively Speaking…………….

    1. tomurich Post author

      It actually IS on Topic. Creating legislative webs of one-sided or ‘single goal’ objectives by official decree or Supreme Court mandate is every bit the same as religion. I find it amazing that society continually observes the effect of socialism and the relatively concurrent downturn of spiritualism throughout history but the masses don’t see it clearly for what it is. A maddening cycle which repeats and repeats.



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