Diplomacy in 1910

This is what nine sovereign Kings looked like at the King Edward VII (eldest son of Queen Victoria) funeral in 1910.  Five years after this, World Wars began.  But at the time, many of the royal families were related – especially the English and the Germans.


Photograph taken at the funeral of King Edward VII in 1910: seated, left to right, kings Alfonso XIII of Spain, George V of the United Kingdom & Frederick VIII of Denmark; standing, left to right: kings Haakon VII of Norway, Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Manuel II of Portugal, George I of Greece and Albert I of Belgium. Kaiser Wilhelm is seen at center, standing behind King George V.

There is a Lesson in Politics in here Somewhere

Mind you – these nations were not communicating as we do today.  Men spoke with one another and they consulted their respective militia before making claims.  There already had been plenty of wars and land grabs throughout Europe – but they managed to put petty greed behind their responsibility for the populations they represented and somehow maintained honorable relations with one another.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had that kind of diplomacy in the world again today?

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