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Anti-Immigration Sentiment Likely To Rise

It’s Happening right now in southeastern Europe, where the influx of migrants is overwhelming the generous countries like Germany who had initially invited them.


Migrant refugees cross through fields in Slovenia toward Europe for a better life. They think.

The natural reaction to this astounding movement of humanity is unfortunately the exact opposite of what was originally hoped for.  Weapon sales are increasing across the EU (especially in Austria) and long-standing traditions and cultural icons are threatened.  Not since the defeat of the Muslims in the Jihad of 1683 by Sobeiski has there been seen such a force.

Europe is coming apart – culturally, physically and most of all economically.

Source: WND


October 25, 2015

John 3:22-31  He must become greater; I must become less. v.30

I need not seek to be recognized.  I can give honor to God whether or not I’m openly appreciated by others.  A Christ-first attitude can subdue any petty jealousies
or unhealthy competition.

I’m feeling thankful and searching for ways I can give back from what little I have left to give.


Trolls and more Trolls ~ UPDATED

“The Idiots are getting far too big
a Voice in Social media.” ~ Joe Tessitore, ESPN


Click the above graphic for a hyperlink to the ESPN video regarding the punter’s mistake after the Michigan-Michigan State football game on Oct. 17, 2015.

Sad but true.  I have already written a few pieces criticizing the use and abuse of social media (especially facebook) and a few Op-Eds about the psychological damage caused by it on the populace in general.  It is as if you can spit in someone’e eye without any fear of retribution whatsoever.  Almost a pseudo-attitude of pure narcissism.

There are a few online tests which can be used for a somewhat eye-opening purpose if you or someone you know may be dealing with a psychopathic condition or a degree of narcissism which could be classified as “unhealthy.”
Check here:

My intent in writing this blog piece is NOT to stir the pot or make back-handed criticism, rather, I hope that people might consider looking at themselves a little clearer.  Sometimes we cannot see ourselves when we have strayed afar from our original personalities and it takes a “Friend” to jog a person back on track.  Please scroll back and see the blog entries which I had begun using upon this same theme starting in April of this year 2015.  Nothing particularly earth-shattering – except that to the people to whom it regards and consequently offends.
Sorry about that, Chief.

German Scientist Doubts Global Climate Threat

The Sky Is Not Falling

As a result of considerable research performed by Jacob Bronowski (and translated by Pierre Gosselin) using data compiled in a report by The International Federation of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland, the Author concludes that the harbinger of death by climate is not forthcoming.

According to the Red Cross data, many of the deaths were due to cold, with 505 alone occurring in one country – Peru! Among the top disasters were brutal winters in the USA and japan – hardly what one would expect from “global warming.


Link to Report in English:

Probably the only ones who will continue to scream despite raw factual data to the contrary are the ones who depend upon grants and foundation monies. ~ TU