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I’m Not Sure Who I Am Dealing With Anymore

Here Come The Holidays – Hold Onto Your Hats

Sure enough……………….there has existed familial separation for decades, now.  The “atomic” family spins off dwarf stars and new constellations are formed.  Why do formerly close siblings become literal “adversaries” in the adult years?


Occasions arise – lawn mower break down – car stolen – major health incident.   You reach out to your sibling if you are privileged enough to have their phone number.  It comes to the point that you don’t even deal with the family member anymore – you don’t deal with the person in the flesh sitting right in front of you – you deal with the person who you have composed in your head over this period of time.  And that is not reality.

You are faking it!

You are faking it!

Ramp it up another notch – It’s Christmas!

Just like the children’s game “Telegraph” – what transpires is awkward and corrupt and bordering on sociopathic – and any behavior(s) outside that thin veil of a personage existing in your brain becomes an instant proof of mental mischief.

“That’s not you!  You are faking it again!”

Out come the defensive maneuvers.  This is not Family Feud – It’s ‘Search For The Guilty.’  How do “reasonable” people deal with this unfortunate circumstance?  They first attempt to placate themselves by going to “Wiki-How”: http://www.wikihow.com/Spot-a-Sociopath

Yeah.  That will fix it.


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