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I Stand by Brian Calley – Here is Why

Once Again – How Can a Man Stand By Calmly?

Governor Rick Snyder Endorses Brian Calley

Tom Urich Stumping with Brian Calley

Tom Urich Stumping with Brian Calley for Justin Amash

The election primary for US Representative for the 3rd District had been called “the ugliest” nationally as incumbent Rep. Justin Amash, R-Cascade Township, successfully won on August 5th the chance for his third consecutive term against Brian Ellis.  Right alongside of him at nearly every turn was Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley.

 migop Calley’s re-election bid in 2014 depends on the precinct delegates elected during the statewide primary on August 5, 2014.  He faces a challenge from Wes Nakagiri in the August 23rd state Republican convention, and needs enough precinct delegates to hold off the challenge. Gov. Rick Snyder has announced his desire to see Calley join him on the ticket, but party rules dictate that the convention’s delegates will select nominees rather than the general public. 

Now, as if they think nobody will notice, some of the “old” GOP establishment forces who had hoped to tip over the Amash cart appear to be ramping it up against Brian Calley and swarming the media with Wes Nakagiri propaganda.   Even Mr. Nakagiri himself runs a “shell game” in social media and has declared reasons why he chose not to have endorsements.  Huh?!?  That makes sense?  Read it here: http://wesyes.com/index.php/wes-notes/106-endorsements


I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Brian Ellis had successfully embarrassed himself right up until election night.  Justin Amash refusing to accept his concession became a weak and short-lived anti-Tea Party cry from the same old rotting wooden teeth.  The duties of the Lieutenant Governor in The State of Michigan are constitutional and not political.   The Michigan GOP and Governor Snyder have turned the state around since 2010.  Why should we mess with that formula?

reinvent-mi Wes Nakagiri is also shooting a series of blanket misinformation ‘shotgun blasts’ in the hopes of attracting the ignorance of state delegates.  One of his “sound bites” is a claim that Brian Calley is a supporter of Obamacare!  On his own website he has said,”

  • The Lieutenant Governor should work with the Governor, not for the Governor. The Lieutenant Governor works for the citizens of Michigan.
  • The Lieutenant Governor as an independent office as described in our Michigan Constitution.  Mr. Calley views the Lieutenant Governor as an office which takes it direction from Governor Snyder.

State Constitutions do not generally prescribe the duties of Lieutenant Governor.  In the U.S. the main duty of the Lieutenant Governor is to act as Governor should the Governor be temporarily absent from the office.  In addition, the Lieutenant Governor succeeds a Governor who dies, resigns, or is removed in trial by the legislative branch. The purpose of the position in those states which elect one is to assume the duties of the Governor, so why would we want to elect a man that the Governor of The State of Michigan has clearly decided NOT TO ENDORSE?

Eleven employees from the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s offices sought delegate seats in the primary. There was also an influx of money from the Michigan Advocacy Trust, which distributed mailers supporting pro-Calley candidates in Clinton County.

Rick Snyder endorses Brian Calley.  So Do I.


 *This article has been edited for the purposes of statistical testing.  The Title and a line in one of the paragraphs were intentionally misspelled to see just how automated web robots and news aggregators share and handle data.