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M-Live Media Displayed A Serious Lack Of Integrity – UPDATED

If you sit in the front row of a press conference you will likely not miss the gist of the message.  The moderator, Zane McMillan, asked a point blank question to open the meeting and Justin Amash responded in a perfectly crafted 2 minute “opus” about his specific qualifications for re-election.  Was any of that reported?  Not one word.  M-Live media can surprise, amaze and confuse the contrary points in their reporting if you have paid attention. Faux Pas?

disappointed2 disappointed

Specifically, in the initial report, M-Live omitted clear responses and explanations about Rep. Amash’s voting record, his stance on Pro-Life, his activities on the national scale of business integrity and his steadfast commitment to personal liberty.  Clear impropriety.

We were DISAPPOINTED with the journalistic integrity of M-Live Media.  Here is an example of fair and balanced reporting from Andrew Krietz: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2014/07/amash_top_5.html

Please seek additional and/or alternative sources of information for making your important decisions in the upcoming primary election on August 5th.